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Online gambiling sometimes takes the thrill of a real-life game away by automizing many of the game processes. But if you love having a real croupier at the table and are ready to bet in real time, then welcome to an online live casino. These are special online venues where betting in blackjack, baccarat, or poker involves other live players and a human dealer who runs the game in real-time via live streaming. Below we prepared a guide on live casinos, their bonus systems, games selection, and overall tips to choose the best one.

What are live casinos?

An online live casino is a website that offers online gambling and focuses on broadcasting live games. Most online games are computer-led and based on automatic algorithms, such as pokies. Live games have a real dealer on the other side of the screen. This person is interacting with the players live during the game, bringing the real casino experience as close as possible to a bettor who plays the game a thousand kilometers away.

Aussies love live games at online casinos as they help with controlling and monitoring the fairness of the played game. Besides that, a feeling of being a part of a live table with actual players and a live dealer brings up higher stakes, more bluffing, and overall greater thrill from the experience. Furthermore, by actively participating in a game, players can go further with their bets, hence increasing the final winnings. The accumulation of these factors makes any live casino online a more visited and played type of online venues. 

Best Live Casinos

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How do live casinos work?

In an offline venue, when a gambler plays at a table, they have a table, a dealer, and sometimes other gamblers. The best live casino online tries to imitate the same experience live while gamblers are sitting at home and playing the game from their electronic device. 

To accomplish the familiarity of the live experience, online casinos set a room with the real-casino interior, a table, and overall visibility of a selected game. There would be a live dealer – a real person who will be handling the game just as they do in offline venues. All this setting is recorded and streamed live to an Australian online casino’s website. Whenever a punter enters the table, they will be able to use their electronic devices to place the bets, which will be shown to the live dealer on a screen. The game is held as it would be in a real setting with the exception that players cannot directly talk to the dealer or other people at the table. They would have to use a text chat for communication. 

Live casino bonuses 

Bonus in Australian live casino

You must already know that casinos have different special offers and bonuses to get the players interested in their venue. These are welcome, deposit, matching, and sometimes even withdrawal bonuses. When it comes to casino live online, they also have these standard bonuses; yet, as they focus on live players, their bonus system is broader and more attractive to punters. Live casino bonuses are focused on enhancing the live experience of a player by offering free bets or additional bonus funds for betting.

The top bonuses one can get in the best live casino online include:

  • Reload bonus. This one is similar to the deposit bonus – it is granted after a player reloads their account. The difference here is that usually deposit bonuses are stricter in their usage regulation (players get 24/48 hours to do so) plus they are frequently a one-time occasion. Reload bonuses are designed to be claimed on a regular basis (weekly or monthly). They can be included into the loyalty program of a casino as well.
  • Cashback bonus. Cashback bonus system is similar to a credit card cashback: after you lose you get 10% (up to 25%) return on your losses. Many casinos would limit the highest sum for a cashback bonuses to €/$100 or so. One can also find such venues that would give players a choice: whether to get a welcome bonus or proceed with the cashback bonus.
  • Promos. Besides the “fixed” bonuses, a bettor can get at an online live casino, there are also special promotions offered to the players. In such promos, a punter needs to complete a particular set of activities/tasks to receive a bonus. The winning here might be not actual money but a casino credit or some free bets.

And the last yet not least important element of a live-games oriented venue is tournaments. In a tournament, there is a main prize (it can be money, tickets to an all-inclusive vacation, casino-related points, and anything else a casino wants). Players compete in a tournament to win the main prize. There is a leaderboard that streams the rivalry live. Tournaments don’t happen every day so if a player is willing to participate in such a race, they need to carefully monitor the casino’s activity. 

And one more important piece of information – carefully read all the details about a selected bonus or tournament. Before joining a live rush for the main prize, ensure that the wagering requirements are not too harsh and are manageable after you win.

Live casino wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are specific rules that a live casino online sets before a bettor can withdraw their winnings. Wagering requirements differ tremendously from venue to venue and may include time, sum, and betting restrictions. Most often, details on wagering requirements can be found in the Terms & Conditions page, under the bonuses section. However, many casinos also state their requirements in small fonts right below the bonus offer. Ensure that you read that blueprint before signing up for any bonus.

Now, to explain to you how wagering is different in live games in comparison to other online gambling, let’s look into detail. The best live casino online would have wagering requirements set to 30x or 40x (remember, this is a perfect scenario). So when a bettor gets a bonus of $100, they need to wager $100*30/40, so $3,000 or $4,000. “Wagering” means betting in the context of online casinos. Furthermore, the wagering percentage in live games is not favorable for the bettors. As a rule, classic casino games (such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, Hi-Lo, etc.) have no more than 10% of the wagering. This means that if a player gets a $10 bonus, and then bets $10, they cover only 10% of the wagering requirement to withdraw the funds. In comparison, pokies games have 100% of the wagering coverage. 

As you can see, wagering requirements in online casinos with live games can be tricky and they are not as favorable as in the machine-led games. So we advise reading the requirements of every selected bonus and making the most of the free bets, extra money, or any other free elements a casino has to offer.

How to play live casino games?

Live games in online casinos are even less favorable than offline games because players cannot see the faces of their opponents and hence cannot actively read their emotions, movements, etc. Thus saying we are not trying to say that live games are not worth your time, on the contrary, they are even more interesting! A bettor is left with their own understanding of the game, the dealer, and personal luck in gambling. This means that a casino live online can be a bit trickier for the newbies, so our tip is to enter the live games after you have played the offline game at least once.

When it comes to getting started with the live casino games, the rules are the same as for the rest of the gaming offer:

  1. Register.
  2. Deposit funds (most online casinos support bitcoins).
  3. Claim bonuses.
  4. Begin playing.

There is no further reading or difficulty in beginning to play live games, all you need is attention and a bit of skill to start your journey. 

Most popular live games

The selection of live games cannot be compared overall to the availability of online games even in the best live casino online. The limited offer is easily explained by the operational costs required to run a single live game (dealer, setting, light, cameras, live streaming, etc.) to a usual pokie, for example. This is why in most casinos live games would be related to the classy games available in the offline casinos. Below is a shortlist of the top selection that you can find in every live casino online.

  1. Live roulette in an online live casino looks exactly the same as in the offline version. It also has a table with a wheel, a dealer, the same order of betting, and overall the same experience. The only difference would be that the bets are placed via a chat with a croupier, not vocally. Remember to double-check which roulette you are playing as casinos have all kinds of variations: American, French, European live roulette. The best roulette casino according to our users – Spin Samurai.
  2. Live blackjack is the same as in a real-life casino. A table, a deck of cards, a dealer, and players aiming to score 21. It is also essential to remember that blackjack can be classy, European, Spanish 21, Face up 21, Perfect pairs, and many other options. So ensure to verify the variation played at the selected live table.
  3. Live baccarat is less popular among online gamblers, yet it still made it to the live tables. All online casinos would offer all three versions of baccarat (Punto Bunco, Baccarat Banque, Chemin de Fer) so regardless of your preferences with this game, if baccarat live is presented in an online casino, you can be sure to enjoy the game. Our users chose PlayAmo to play live baccarat most often in 2022.
  4. Live hold’em is rarely listed among the top popular games for online live casinos around the globe. Yet, for Aussies hold’em is one of the most intriguing games. Whether you like limit hold ’em, no-limit hold ’em, or pot-limit hold ’em, you can be sure to get every option available in an online casino oriented towards the Australian market. You can also use availability of this game as a method of evaluating a potential online casino. 
Best Live Casino Online in Australia

Other live dealer games

Even though live sic bo, live dragon tiger, or live dreamcatcher did not make it to the shortlist of the most popular casino live online games, they are quite common in the Australian online venues. There are also games like poker with all its versions and variations, live let it ride, live craps, and many other options available to a live player online. More and more casinos are increasing their offering of live games considering the growing interest, so even if your game is not available live yet, you can expect to see it very soon among the top-liked list. 

Apps & mobile live casinos

The market of mobile applications for online casinos is very limited today. Most casinos focus on developing their website or web application to deliver all the value via a browser. This approach is more universal, since by investing only in one application, a casino gets users playing on every device with the internet connection. The perks of playing on mobile include greater flexibility and accessibility of an online venue to a user. And considering that most web applications are developed to adapt to every screen size, playing in an online live casino on a mobile device is possible without any complications. 

Development of the native apps costs some money, this is why it is a much less popular strategy for online casinos, especially those focusing on live streaming. Mobile devices have limited screen size so watching a stream, making bets, and also chatting with the players might be challenging in an application. Nonetheless, some online casinos would offer an application to their players. 

Playing in an app for iPhone or Android is more convenient as it is overall designed to work with smaller screens. Yet, we recommend not to fix much attention on whether a casino has or does not have an app. It is a perk, but not an obligatory requirement for a reliable live casino online.

How we rate the best live dealer casinos

Live roulette in Australian casino

And the last but not least important piece of information is how to find the best live casino online, and how we do it in the research state.

  • Online safety has two main components – license and data protection. The former signifies that a selected venue has complied with the online gambling regulations and earned the right to having a license. The latter is essential as players share not only their personal data but also financial details with a live casino online. To verify a casino’s license, we check its website to find the license number in the Terms & Conditions section, or somewhere on the page. Then we also verify whether the license number is true and recognized by eCOGRA (one of the most reputable gambiling experts in the world). To check data protection policies, the fastest way would be to contact a casino’s support to simply inquire about these details. Very few venues would state their internal security protocols, so asking out is the best way to learn something. 
  • Payout regulations can be unfair from the beginning, so checking them right from the start is a smart move as well. Our team reads the internal regulations first. Then we check the withdrawals page to see the specific payout fees or rules applicable to the available payment methods (PayPal, POLi or crypto). Finally, we make a couple of withdrawals to verify the claims learnt in the previous two steps. For a player, we recommend sticking to learning in theory about the payout rules and then checking casino’s reviews online. Most often, other players would comment on the payout rules and the reality for the selected venue. 
  • Responsive support is a must-have! Customer Care Team is the face of any casino as it shows operational procedures and whether a venue is hiding anything. We test support teams a lot, asking trivial and complex questions, to find out how they interact even with the most complicated players.
  • Mobile accessibility is on our list for ranking online casinos, but it does not have to be on yours if you always play from a computer. We play different games on phones and tablets with various screen resolution sizes to verify whether a casino is friendly for mobile-only players. 
  • Game variety is another obligatory element of the verification procedures. The more games a casino has, the higher would be its ranking, as the more interesting it is for the players. Besides game variety, we also pay attention to the quality of the offered games, game developers, and fairness. We test a casino’s offer by playing it and via automated processes to identify any possible scams inside. 
  • Bonuses and offers also signify how good a casino is. Those venues with great players’ flow have good money for jackpots, enough funds for extensive bonus systems, and are always changing their weekly bonuses to keep the customers engaged at all times. When our team verifies a venue in terms of bonuses, we are not only reading the fineprint, but also test wagering requirements and check how easy it is to withdraw the money won. If you do not have time for such extensive checks, we advise verifying a casino’s ranking on our site and then at least reading the regulations related to the bonus offers.


1️⃣ What are live casino games?

Live games are those that have an actual dealer leading, controlling, and monitoring the game. They frequently consist of a live stream of the dealer and players interacting with each other and the dealer through a live chat.

Live casino games are those traditional or classy casino games like baccarat, poker, roulette, craps, and any variation of these. The top ones are baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and casino hold'em. However, the top list may vary depending on the casino’s audience and regions of operation.

2️⃣ Which live casino games are the most popular?

The most popular live casino games are baccarat, blackjack, roulette game, and hold’em. However, remember that the list of the top games varies in every casino, and every region. It depends on the preference of the players and does not signify that a game of classical baccarat is better than a video poker.

We advise seeing this list of the top games as a starting point for your online casino journey in order to get a hold of the rules and the feeling of an online live casino. You can then move on to the games you personally prefer more.

Keep also in mind that some games might be restricted in your country or region, so ensure to read the casino's Terms & Conditions to learn the specifics of live playing for you.

3️⃣ Can I try live casino games for free first?

Yes, but you have to register. Free demos are sometimes available in the online casinos for everyone, however, they are related to the auto-led games. When it comes to live gaming, the rules are a bit stricter as a live game has a live person working there. So even if a casino has a demo for some live game, you will have to register first, in order to access this possibility.

But please remember that not every live casino online would offer free trials for live games.

4️⃣ Are live games rigged?

The truth is – anything is possible. There are always unreliable venues that would try to scam their players and rig their online games in the favor of a casino. However, whenever an online live casino is legitimate (holds a license and openly states its Terms & Conditions to the potential players), its online reviews are positive, and the overall trust ranking is high, you can be sure to get a fair play at the live tables.

5️⃣ Are there live casino options for mobile & tablet users?

Yes, every casino live online is available on any device with a browser and a stable internet connection. Whenever you are playing in a casino through a browser, not a native application, we would recommend ensuring that your internet connection is safe (don’t use public WiFis) and also utilizing an antivirus software to protect your personal and financial data from hackers’ attacks.


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