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Free spins are the most common bonus in online casinos worldwide. Whether you are a new player getting a welcome bonus, a seasoned punter receiving extra perks in a loyalty program, or an average gambler in search of the best offer, an online casino with free spins will definitely find a venue to play at. So without further introductions, let’s see why free spins are so popular and how to find the right free spin casino online.

What are free spins and how do they work?

Free spins are exactly what you think – bets a casino offers to a gambler for free to play in a selected number of slot games. Of course, most often free online casino spins would come with a set of regulations and requirements a player has to fulfil in order to withdraw the winnings, yet, they are an absolutely legitimate way to win money and prizes.

The main working principle in free spins is that they get added to a gambler’s account (automatically as a part of a bonus or after using a special code). Once a player with free spins on their account enters the slot games (pokies), for which the spins were targeted, they can use those spins to play the game without paying. This is a perfect way to try out a casino or learn more about a new game in a venue without losing a dime.

Best Free Spin Bonus Casinos

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🌀 50 Free Spins
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Types of free spins bonuses


The truth is, free spins are always the same – they are spins a player gets for free in a casino. But the steps a player needs to make in order to claim those spins differ, and this is what we will discuss in this section.

  • No deposit free spins. These are the best way to dry run a casino or a game. Such free spins are issued by a casino without any deposit requirement, so to claim those you simply need to be in the right place at the right time. Some casinos would define when such spin drops happen (mid-week or Monday drops), others would create large pop-ups on a random day, so you would be able to claim such a bonus only ‘by accident’. Our team constantly monitors free spins in online casino venues, so you can check our list for updates at any time to get the preferred bonus.
  • Free spins no deposit codes. These are similar to the previous option, the difference is in the way a gambler claims the spins. To get these free spins, a player needs to have a special code for free spins and then type it into a special bonus field on their account to receive the free bets. Most often, codes could be sent via email to a newly-registered player or a gambler who reached a new loyalty level in a venue. But if you are only looking for a way to try a new casino or game, you can check our website for such free codes.
  • Welcome bonus free spins. To claim welcome bonus free spins a gambler needs to register at a free spin online casino and then make their first deposit. Upon completing these two steps, the spins would usually get added to the player’s account. The deposit, in this case, is usually regulated by a venue; some casinos would accept a minimum acceptable deposit (starting from $1), while others set the restriction to $20, for example. We strongly recommend carefully reading terms of a welcome bonus in a selected venue before making your first deposit.
  • Existing player free spins bonuses. Existing players usually enjoy lots of free spins from their venues as the latter are trying to keep their customers happy and engaged at all times. These free spins, just like no deposit ones, would usually be defined on the selected casino’s bonuses page and would clearly define the rules for claiming the free spins. Moreover, contrary to the previous types, existing player free spins can actually be random and differ from day to day and from player to player. This depends on which software provider is ready to offer free spins to the casino, and hence to the players.
  • Free spins game bonus rounds. These ones are not issued by a venue, in fact, such a casino online free spin gets won by a player in the process of a game. The process is as follows: a gambler places a bet > hits a combination of particular symbols > gets access to a bonus game > plays the bonus game without using any more of the funds. Such bonus rounds are issued within a slot game itself, and while not affecting the deposited funds, they can multiply a player’s winning sum. Whenever you know that such bonus rounds are available in a game, our tip is to use maximum bets to get the most of those free bonus spins.

Also this bonus is often divided by quantity. You can come across the following free spins at gambling sites:

TOP Free Spin Bonus Casinos

👻 Woo Casino200 Free Spins
🚀 Casino Rocket150 Free Spins
🌍 National Casino100 Free Spins
⛩️ Spin Samurai75 Free Spins

How to claim a free spins offer

The methods of claiming free spins in a casino online stem directly from the types of free spins one can opt for. While they may come as a package with other bonus perks or be a standalone gratitude from a casino’s side, the methods of claiming basically can be highlighted in the following four ways:

  1. Automatic. By ‘automatic’ here you need to understand that the free spins get added to the account by the system once you complete a particular action. For instance, most casinos would issue free spins to players who move to the next loyalty level. Others would make mid-week free spin drops to keep their players engaged; in such cases, a punter would need to log into the real money Australian casino that day or make a deposit on the previous day (the regulations vary in each venue).
  2. Bonus codes. To claim casino online free spins with a bonus code, a gambler needs to have a special code for this bonus. Then this code is inserted into a dedicated bonus field (on the bonuses or payments page), and the free spins get added to the player’s account.
  3. Deposit. To get deposit-dependent free spins, a player needs to make a deposit of a particular amount. This is done in the payments/deposit section of a casino’s website. There, a gambler needs to top up their account with a set amount. Most free spins require a minimum deposit to be made, but the size of the minimum deposit will vary from $1 to $20 in most cases.
  4. In a game. Whenever a gambler is already playing some pokies, they might collect a specific set of images and enter the super-bonus mode in a game. This mode allows a gambler to play further and while multiplying their winnings use no actual money from their accounts on bets. Such games are not frequent, yet they do exist in some casinos.

What games can you use free spins on?

Free spins, as the name suggests, are free bets on slot machines or pokies. So the base answer here is so. However, no one can say with certainty for which slots and pokies you will get your online casino free spins.

The truth is, free spins are among the best marketing tools an online venue has to retain loyal players and attract new gamblers. This means that most often free online casino spins are issued for new or popular games as a method of online advertising. Besides that whenever a software developer releases a new version of their slots or introduces a completely new game, they would also give casinos green light for free spins perks.

So as a gambler, you are likely to have no saying in what games you can use your free spins on. The choice will be defined by the casino or the software providers. Nonetheless, punters always have a choice whether to agree with the casino’s regulations and accept the bonus spins or just leave everything as it is to avoid extra wagering requirements, for example.

Free Spin Online Casino Australia

What are the rules that apply to free spins?

You must have already understood that every casino online with free spin offers introduce unique restrictive regulations to earn on such generous give-aways. Such regulations include a wide range of restrictions that every venue poses onto players using their bonus system. Below we defined the most common restrictive measures that a casino could impose on you. But please remember that not all of them would usually apply to the same bonus spins. Most casinos have 3-5 limitations but the full scope depends on a venue. Ensure to read the casino’s Terms & Conditions to know all the borders you won’t be able to cross.

  • Wagering requirements are amounts of money a player needs to bet before withdrawing their money won while using a bonus (free spins). To put it into context, let’s see an example: a player gets 50 free spins with 20x wager. This can mean two things:
    • For no deposit free spins this means that if with those 50 free spins you won $30, then you need to bet $30*20=$600 in order to withdraw the money won.
    • For deposit free spins this means that if you deposited $10 to receive the spins, then you will have to wager $10*20=$200 in order to withdraw the money won.
    • Maximum capped amount means the top winning you can make in a selected slot game. Not all pokies have this capped amount, yet some would limit your winnings to $600 or $1,000. This means that even if you won $10,000, you won’t be able to withdraw them; the maximum withdrawal would be $600 or $1,000 top.
    • One bonus at a time is the most common rule for every free spins casino online. It means that if you have already accepted free spins today, you won’t be able to add a reload bonus or mid-week sale to today’s perks. Remember that sometimes you will be able to do so but in such cases the casino has the right to void all of your bonus perks and money won on that day for the rules violation.
    • Non-transferable is another standard limitation stating that if you have received free spins, you cannot transfer them to any other casino player.
    • Eligible games are what we talked about in the previous point. About 95% of free spins have pre-defined slot games that they can be used for. You are likely to have no option with breaching this rule, yet, it is a great chance that you can start betting in a wrong game hence spending your deposit instead of free spins. We recommend double-checking terms of each free spins bonus in every free spin online casino as the games eligibility is always different in every venue.
Casino Online Free Spins
  • Playing the wrong games means that you might use your free spins in the wrong game. By doing so, you will be able to play but any winnings would not be eligible. Furthermore, casinos also reserve the right to take back all bonuses and money won with the bonuses if the spins or bonus money got used in the wrong way. So we recommend double-checking which slots the free spins are dedicated to not lose your winnings by mistake.
  • Minimum deposit is a common requirement in an online casino with free spins. Such venues require their gamblers to make at least minimum deposit to claim the bonus spins. The bonus size is always defined by the casino’s Terms & Conditions, so ensure to read the details in each venue before making a deposit. Sometimes, a minimum deposit might be $5 while to claim the spins the minimum deposit gets raised to $10. Carefully read the bonus regulations before claiming it.
  • Expiration period for free spins is yet another standard procedure. Rarely, the bonus bets would stay with a player for a week. Most casinos would limit their use to 24-28 hours. This is done to better control gamblers’ winning in a venue.
  • Cashing out early and preserving your bonus and money won with a bonus (free spins) is not possible. If you want to cash out early, most often rules of the casino online free spins would warn you that early payout results in the bonus and winnings annulment. Verify this regulation as sometimes there are loopholes in the fine prints that can help you preserve the winnings.
  • Wager-free free spins usually can be found in casinos that target high-rolling gamblers. Such bonuses give players the freedom to cash out at every time without any consequences. Yet, wager-free bonuses would generally have an additional withdrawal limit imposed (like $1,000 a day, for instance).


What are free spins?

The term ‘spin’ means a bet in a slot (pokie) game. Free spins are bets a casino offers to a player for a selected set of slot games as a gratitude for a particular action. Most often, free spins are issued as a part of a greater bonus package – for a deposit or for getting to the next level of a loyalty program. However, free spins may also require no deposits to be made or be won inside of a selected game as a bonus round. Most free spins are subject to wagering requirements that a gambler needs to fulfil in order to payout the money won with free spins.

How can I claim no deposit free spins bonuses?

There are different ways to get online casino free spins. The bonus bets for slots can be automatically added to the player’s account upon registration. They can also be automatically filled after a deposit, for example. Some casinos introduce special bonus codes which need to be manually put in special casino space for a player to receive the free spins. On rare occasions, a combination of several methods can be in place: a deposit and a code, for instance. Carefully read the bonus deal on the offer to learn about the correct way of claiming your bonus free spins.

Do I have to register to get my no deposit free spins?

Most probably yes, you will need to register in order to claim no deposit free spins. However, if a casino has a demo program to attract new players, you might be able to try out several pokies without registration and without any deposits. But in this case, such games would be without any actual winnings.

How do I get bonus offers?

The easiest way to learn first about any new deal in a free spin online casino is to sign up for a newsletter and get regular updates. Should you not be willing to clutter your mailbox, monitor casinos’ special offers or bonus section for updates or follow such websites as ours. We have a team whose main job is to find those free spin offers and present them to our readers.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are regulations that casinos put in place for their bonus offers. They regulate how much money a gambler needs to bet on before withdrawing their winnings. Wagering requirements are defined by a number with x next to it, for instance ‘30x’. This means that if you deposited $10 and got your free spins, you would have to bet $10*30=$300 in different games before being able to withdraw the winnings.

How do free spins work?

Free spins are offered in a casino bonus system as a reward for a particular action (deposit, regular visiting, reaching the next loyalty level, etc.) or as a marketing method for attracting new players (as a part of the welcome package). Once a player completes the prerequisites for a bonus, the free spins online casino adds the bonus to the player’s account or hands them a code to claim one. With the spins, a punter can bet in different slots and pokies without spending their own money while still winning the real prizes. As a rule, the list of available pokies would be limited for the free spins and defined in the casino’s/bonus’ Terms & Conditions.

How much is left of my bonus to wager?

As a rule, this information would be available on the bonuses page of your account in a casino. If you cannot find this information, contact the venue’s Customer Care team to learn the details.

Why do some games contribute less than other games to my wagering requirement in a casino?

Each game has its internal probability of a player’s winning. The higher this percentage is, the lower would be its wagering percentage. For example, the odds of winning in roulette or a table game are much higher than they are in slots. This is why many casinos would completely exclude table games from the wagering list while would give slots’ betting 100% wagering. Some casinos put those odds into their Terms & Conditions or at least define which games do not participate in wagering. If this info is not available openly, contact the venue’ Customer Care Team to learn of these specifics.

What are the wagering requirements for free spins bonuses?

Wagering requirements are the same for free spins as for the cash bonuses, if those bonuses are based on deposits. This means that if the wager is 45x, then after the $10 deposit, you would have to bet $450 in order to make the payout. But if your online casino free spins came with no deposit, then you would be wagering your winnings, not the deposit. So if you got free spins and won $40 with a 40x wager, then you would have to bet $40*40=$1,600 before making your withdrawal.

When can I withdraw my free spins bonus winnings?

After wagering all your winnings, can you make the withdrawal. To learn more about wagering requirements, read our answer about them above. The list of casinos with fast withdrawal.

What do I do if I do not win anything with my free spins bonus?

Nothing, just continue playing. By not winning anything you are not breaking any rules and are not obliged to wager anything.

How can I cancel my free spins bonus?

Most casinos allow cancelling your bonus at no additional cost at any time. Doing so is usually possible at the payments or cashier page. Yet, remember that by cancelling the bonus you are also giving back all your winnings. Some venues might not have the technical ability to cancel an issued bonus. In this case, you will have to use up all the free spins and wager them; alternatively, you can simply wait for the bonus to expire (but ensure that you don’t use any spins from it to avoid the wager).

Can I change the specified pokies game?

If a particular game is listed as eligible for the free spins, you cannot change this game. Doing so would result in the bonus and winnings cancellation by the casino authorities. However, take a note of your venue’s regulations. Sometimes, casinos would allow switching among 2-3 options for countries where the primary pokie is not available.

Which pokies are the best to play?

Those that are listed as eligible for a free online casino spins bonus. But if you are looking for something more interesting that would not involve investment, check out list for the best casino online free spins and choose a new venue to get started.

Can I use a free spins bonus on progressive slots?

Most free spin casino online venues would exclude free spins usage from the progressive slots. However, we recommend checking the selected casino’s regulations. Who knows, maybe this is your lucky day!


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