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Technology is developing so fast these days that sometimes it even gets a little scary. Digitalization and going online have recently crept into most areas of our lives. And online casinos are no exception, of course. But when it comes to gambling, a player needs to be sure to choose a reputable online casino so as not to fall into the hands of scammers and lose their money.

Our team will gladly help you find a casino that meets your requirements and with which you can immerse yourself in the game without the thought of being cheated.

We employ an elaborate system to ensure that our evaluation process for each casino is uniform. This ensures that every casino review is conducted as unbiasedly as possible. This helps us determine which sites are top-notch in quality of service, and which are simply terrible and not worthy of your attention.

What We Offer

We Evaluate Safety and Security

We wouldn’t be able to sleep soundly if we didn’t know you were in safe hands. And that’s understandable since we only want to recommend proven casinos with impeccable reputations and not fraudulent sites that have recently opened their virtual doors for the fifth time under a new name.

Our safety and security evaluation begins with a comprehensive check of the casino’s operating history and reputation. This check covers everything from finding on-site information owners to identifying player complaints.

We Test Welcome Bonuses and Other Promotions

We always use welcome bonuses to determine if they are as generous as the online casino claims. Nine times out of ten we get a deposit bonus. However, many casinos also offer no-deposit bonuses that allow you to play for real money without making a deposit.

The next step in evaluating a casino is to analyze the best promotions that the casino offers. Promotions usually offer players free spins, deposit bonuses, cashback programs, and even special bonuses for referring friends.

Deposit in Austalian $2 casino

We Deposit and Withdraw Funds Ourselves

Legal casinos must offer a choice of the most popular payment methods. It is imperative that these payment methods be readily available and widely used in the countries the casino is targeting. We expect to be able to make deposits and withdrawals quickly and easily.

We Contact Customer Service

It’s extremely important to us that the casino you’ll be playing at has a helping hand right away if something goes wrong. Even though problems are extremely rare at leading online casinos, our experts test every available method of contacting player support, bombarding them with questions on every occasion.

It’s always easy to identify casinos that are designed with players in mind. According to our criteria, casinos that operate in different countries around the world should have support available 24/7 (or at least for most of the day), have different contact options, and be available in many languages.

Meet the Author

Serena Ambrose Head Editor

Hi! My name is Selena Ambrose. I’m a leading author and chief editor at royaljokerbet.com!

Before I started my work on this site, I came a long way and gained good experience to become a professional.

I studied media and communications in the Bachelor’s program at Edith Cowan University, which is located in Perth, Western Australia. Living all my life in Australia, it’s impossible not to notice the great love Australians have for gambling and be addicted to it myself. And if you ask me what my favourite games are, here are just a few of them:

  • Vip European Roulette
  • Book of Darkness
  • Super 7 Blackjack
  • Triple Edge Poker

Before I joined the royaljokerbet.com team I spent many years working in an Australian exclusive casino as a general manager and learned a lot of nuances in the players’ behavior and how the casino system works.

I now live in Sydney with my husband and four-year-old daughter. I love my job, our employees, and gambling. Our team of professional writers and I do our best to make royaljokerbet.com a source of reliable information which helps players be more confident and enjoy gambling.

If you have any questions for me or my team, you can always email me at 📩 serena-ambrose@royaljokerbet.com.  If you want to see more, visit the authors page.

Good luck and have a great time on our site!